HQ Pools is an experienced Belgian manufacturer of stainless steel swimming pools. With a completely customized design and a sleek design in stainless steel that fully meets your wishes, we create a unique effect in terms of appearance, combined with a service from A to Z.

Every HQ Pools project has a very high level of finishing. The possibilities are unlimited. We also like to work on swimming pools with very high architectural demands.

Every collaboration at HQ Pools is highly personal, where we pay close attention to your wishes with the aim of striving for the highest possible degree of perfection from construction to completion.

The story certainly doesn't stop for HQ Pools afterwards either: we offer a guaranteed after-sales service with our own team that will answer your questions or visit you for repairs or maintenance.


A stainless steel pool exudes luxury and is timeless. It suits all home styles. It is highly resistant to corrosion. The material is weldable, pliable and cuttable so that the pool can be fully customized. The shape, design and dimensions are completely up to you. With such a design, you are sure to have a 100% unique pool. Stainless steel pools can be placed both outdoors and indoors. You can opt for a classic pool, but also when you want an overflow pool, a stainless steel pool is the ideal solution because of the beautiful reflection all the way to the edge.

A stainless steel pool is extremely durable because the high quality in principle offers a lifetime guarantee on the pool. The mirror effect that is also created creates a beautiful play of color and light in the pool. Furthermore, the reflection also ensures that the pool naturally heats up faster. Finally, with a stainless steel pool we also see a significantly lower consumption of maintenance products because algae and other microorganisms cannot attach to the wall. The walls are also UV resistant and they will not discolor or fade because of the sun.


Today, you can no longer build a swimming pool without including the critical aspect of durability. A stainless steel pool is already extremely durable. By choosing a stainless steel pool, you reduce your ecological footprint considerably. This is not only because of the economical pool techniques used, but also because of the stainless steel tub, which itself can be completely recycled after a very long lifetime. Stainless steel is also 100% waterproof and shrink-proof.

Furthermore, little or no maintenance products are needed to keep the pool water clean because algae and related substances cannot adhere to the walls. Thus, this in itself also reduces the use of environmentally polluting chemicals for cleaning the pool. Furthermore, the water can be heated inexpensively because the water in the tub warms up faster due to the reflection of the sun in the water. This provides a considerable natural warming of the water. In addition, stainless steel has insulating properties. Therefore, the water will not cool down as quickly after heating up.